UNH Lodging Options

There are several room styles from which you can choose. A description of each style is provided below.

Mills Hall

Dorm Style A and B - Single-Occupancy or Double-Occupancy Suite Campus Accommodations in Mills Hall

Suite campus accommodations offer two, three, or five bedrooms with one attached, shared bathroom (five-bedroom suites have a single bathroom, with multiple stalls, sinks and showers). There are single and double occupancies available for this style.

Single occupancy - $60 per person per night
Double occupancy - $48 per person per night

Mills Hall, University of New Hampshire

Mills Hall, University of New Hampshire

Mills Hall - Four Person Suite

Fairchild Hall

Single-Occupancy or Double-Occupancy Traditional Campus Accommodations in Fairchild Hall

Traditional campus accommodations are single or double occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms available close by down the hallway.

Single occupancy - $47 per person per night
Double occupancy - $35 per person per night


Woodside Apartments

Dorm style E - Apartments (for guests with minors)

Apartments are available with two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen; an apartment sleeps up to four guests. (This is the only option for guests traveling with children.) Please note that apartments are not air conditioned. The Woodside Apartments are located at 60 Strafford Avenue, Durham, NH. Linens from UNH are required; one set is included in your package price, and you can then choose how many additional linen sets that you will need when registering.

Apartment is $136 per night.

Please be sure to review this information carefully before beginning registration. A few things to note before you begin:

  • All reservations are subject to a one-time linen fee of $30 per person. The linen packet includes a top and bottom sheet, a towel, face cloth, pillow, pillowcase and blanket. The packet will be placed upon your bed, but you will need to make up the bed. This is mandatory fee even if you choose to bring your own linens.

  • Deadline to register for a room is July 2, 2019.

  • Rates for Fairchild and Mills Hall are per person rates.

  • The room rates include all taxes

  • When selecting double occupancy accommodations, you will have the opportunity to provide the name of your requested roommate. If you do not provide one, a roommate will be assigned to you. If you are attending in a larger group and want to stay in a 3- or 5-bedroom suite, you will have the ability to list those names during registration.

  • Due to the nature of campus housing, please be advised that some suite-style rooms with adjoining bathrooms may not have locking doors on the bathroom.

  • Each room in Fairchild Hall and Mills Hall has a bed, bureau, desk and chair as well as a closet for each occupant.

  • UNH policy requires, those traveling with minors stay in separate living quarters from other conference participants. These accommodations are available in Woodside Apartments.

  • Rooms in Fairchild and Mills Hall are air conditioned.

  • Woodside Apartments (for those traveling with minors) is not air conditioned.

  • All residence halls are strictly non-smoking

  • Elevators are available in each hall.

  • Wireless internet is available throughout campus.

Ready to book your room?

The registration site can be confusing. Please reference the instructions below before you begin your registration.


First you will need to create a user account. Once logged into the system, the first page will provide an overview of each available “package”. The “packages” within the registration site correspond with the packages in italics on the above. For example: Dorm Style A and B - Single-Occupancy or Double-Occupancy Suite Campus Accommodations in Mills Hall (Reference Packages A. and B. during registration). It's good to know which dorm style you desire before you begin registration. Each package begins with the linen fee.

  1. Select the linen fee for the package you desire

  2. Select Continue

  3. Select which night(s) you require by selecting the “1” from the drop down on the night you wish to stay leaving a “0” on nights you will not stay.

  4. Select Continue

  5. Confirm your check-in and check-out dates and provide roommate information (if applicable)

  6. Select Continue

  7. Review and confirm your registration and select “pay and register

It’s important to note that you should not use the “back arrow” during the registration process. If you need to review or change your registration, please use the “back” or “change registration” buttons.

Should you have any issues, contact the email or phone numbers listed on that page: conferences@unh.edu, or (603) 862-1900.

Common questions

  1. If I bring my own linens do I still have to pay the $30 fee? Yes, you do. The $30 linen fee is mandatory and is per person. For the apartments, every bed that is used requires an additional linen fee.

  2. How many people can sleep in a 5 bedroom suite? The 5 bedroom suite has two single occupancy rooms, and 3 double occupancy rooms. It also has a small common area, and the bathroom has two shower stalls, two bathroom stalls, and two sinks. Three bedroom suites have two doubles, one single, and a single bathroom.

  3. Can I bring my child/family with me to the dorms? Youth are not permitted in the traditional or suite dorms because of the shared bathrooms. The Woodside apartment is available for families traveling with children.