Ocean Literacy Presentation Kit

Become a part of the Ocean Literacy Campaign! NMEA has played a key role in the Ocean Literacy Campaign and Ocean Literacy is a major focus of NMEA’s Strategic Plan. We need all hands on deck to ensure that ocean concepts are taught both in and out of the classroom and at all grade levels throughout the US and beyond.  This presentation kit was created to help you share with your target audience the components of the Ocean Literacy Framework (Guide, Scope and Sequence, NGSS alignment) as well as the local, regional, national, and international impacts. This new comprehensive presentation on Ocean Literacy highlights the entire suite of resources available to share the Ocean Literacy Framework with all audiences. The presentation toolkit (slides, process agenda, script, handouts) lives on NMEA's new Ocean Literacy website, oceanliteracyNMEA.org, making it broadly accessible.

All materials to offer this workshop are available for download below.

Ocean Literacy Presentation Kit includes:

Watch the webinar:

Ocean Literacy: How the Concept of what everyone should know about the ocean changed the world

This recording orients the viewer to the components of the presentation kit to support their own presentation of this material.