The Traditional Knowledge (TK) Committee is composed of individuals interested in promoting traditional knowledge and rights as it relates to marine education, science and ecosystems.

Activities of the Traditional Knowledge Committee:

The konohiki (traditional expert and manager) of Mo'omomi, Moloka'i, teaches fisheries knowledge to a class of high school summer students. © WPRFMC

  • Promote the NMEA TK scholarship to ensure that it is awarded to a knowledgeable traditional practitioner or representative who successfully works at and beyond the annual NMEA conference to further the goals of NMEA and the TK Committee

  • Promote TK presence at NMEA annual conferences, especially by traditional knowledge persons from the state or nearby states where the conference is held

  • Develop and promote a literacy guide on traditional knowledge and rights as it relates to marine resources and ecosystems, both fresh and salt

  • Improve and expand relationships with organizations that support TK, both nationally and internationally

Chairs: Sylvia Spalding:; Linda Chilton:; George Matsumoto: