2019 Auction

This year’s silent auction will be held on Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m. at the Hamel Recreation Center. Please consider donating an item for the silent auction. We are seeking physical items, gift cards, or gift certificates. Monetary donations are handled through Sponsorships.

Tell us about your donation by filling out the online form. You will have the opportunity to upload a photo of your item so the Auction Committee will know how much space to allot for your item. If you are donating multiple items, please enter each item individually unless you intend the items to be auctioned as a single collection. Your donation may also be joined with others to create an enticing themed package or selected for our live auction.

Please drop off your item at the Auction table during Registration. If you choose to mail your item in advance, ensure we receive it by Friday, July 12, 2019.

NMEA 2019 Auction Committee
New Hampshire Sea Grant
122 Mast Road
Lee, NH 03861

If you have any questions about the auction, please send a message to auctions@gommea.org.

Thank you,
2019 Auction Committee
Kipp, Greg, Debby, Sally & Michelle