The Stegner Memorial Lecture

The Stegner Memorial Lecture is named in honor of Dr. Robert Stegner, a pioneer in marine education who died shortly after he retired from teaching at the University of Delaware. Bob hosted one of the first meetings of marine educators that would become the National Marine Educators’ Association, and was a central figure in charting the course for what marine education would become. His efforts also led to the creation of project COAST, one of the first marine education curriculum projects.

In 1979, The Robert Stegner Memorial Lecture Fund was established by the NMEA Board. According to the Board’s notes, “This fund will be used to provide an outstanding Keynote Speaker for all future NMEA Annual Meetings.”

Over the years, this Memorial Lecture has evolved into a variety of presentations, including lectures, musical presentations, and visual displays.

Past Stegner Memorial Lecturers have included:

1980 Captain Irving Johnson (lecturer)
1981 Senator A.R. Schwartz (lecturer)
1982 Walter Munk (lecturer) “Oceans and Climate”
1983 Schooner Fare (singing group)
1984 Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham (lecturer) “How Vast the Sea, How Great the Opportunity”
1985 The Press Gang (singers of Chesapeake chanteys)
1986 Jack Vallentyne (lecturer)
1987 Dr. Ken Sebens (lecturer) "Rediscovering the Gulf of Maine"
1988 Sam Hinton
1989 Dale and Linda Crider(Florida environmental troubadours)
1990 Nainoa Thompson (Native Hawaiian traditional navigator)
1991 Richard Ellis (artist and naturalist)
1992 Susan Strauss (storyteller)
1993 Jack and Ann Rudloe (authors, lecturers)
1994 Banana Slug String Band
1995 ?
1996 Schooner Fare (singing group)
1997 Pat Dailey (singer and songwriter)
1998 Roy Brown
1999 Mary Edna Fraser (visual artist), Dr. Orrin Pinkey (coastal geologist), and Marjory Wentworth (poet)
2000 the Queen Mary tours/and dancing
2001 Holly Arntzen (singer and songwriter)
2002 Chris Rolands (singer and musician)
2003 King Mackerel & the Blues Are Running (band)
2004 Christopher Still (artist)
2005 None
2006 Arm-of-The-Sea Theatre
2007 Schooner Fare (singing group)
2015 Valerie Tutson (storyteller)
2018 Mati Waiya (Chumash ceremonial leader and Dolphin Dancer)
2019 Andy O’Brien and Hanji Chang (science animators)