1976 Pacific Grove, CA
1977 Newark, DE Marine Awareness: Educating for the Future
1978 Olympia, WA
1979 Milwaukee, WI The Great Lakes: Our Fourth Coastline
1980 Salem, MA Our Coast: Heritage, Conflict and Challenge
1981 Galveston, TX Toward the Coastal Frontier
1982 La Jolla, CA Oceanomics: Riding the Wave of the Future
1983 South Portland, ME Sights and Sounds of the Sea
1984 Victoria, BC The Pacific Northwest: From Canoe to Submersible
1985 Williamsburg, VA The Chesapeake: Prologue to the Future
1986 Cleveland, OH Those Magnificent Sweetwater Seas
1987 Kingston, RI The Magic of the Northeast
1988 Santa Cruz, CA New Waves in Marine Education: Keeping up with Ocean Discoveries
1989 Miami, FL Florida’s Fragile Paradise
1990 Hilo & Kona, HI Islands in the Sea
1991 New Brunswick, NJ Garden by the Sea
1992 Portland & Newport, OR Seines to Satellites: Taming Technology
1993 New Orleans, LA Where the River Meets the Sea
1994 Knoxville, TN Science and Public Policy
1995 San Diego, CA Oceans Without Borders
1996 Durham, NH Making Connections:Global Lessons From the Gulf of Maine
1997 Chicago, IL Land of the Inland Seas: A Journey to the Great Lakes
1998 Humacao, PR An Island Journey in Ecological Diversity
1999 Charleston, SC Exploring Our Coastal Heritage: A Voyage Through Cultres, Lands, and Seas
2000 Long Beach, CA Wave of the Future
2001 Victoria, BC A Water Odyssey: Understanding Our Sense of Place
2002 New London, CT The Race to Hell Gate: Estuaries to the Abyss
2003 Wilmington, NC Taking Marine Education by Storm
2004 St. Petersburg, FL Bridge the Gulf: Marine Science in the Sunshine
2005 Maui, HI Na¯na¯ I Ke Kumu, Na¯na¯ I Ke Kai (translated: Look to the Source, Look to the Sea)
2006 New York, NY New York, NY: A City of Islands
2007 Portland, ME Downeast 2007: Ideas, Innovations, and Inspirations
2008 Savannah, GA (July 20-24) One World, One Water
2009 Monterey, CA (June 29-July 3) One World Conserving One Ocean
2010 Gatlinburg, TN (July 19-23) From the Mountains to the Sea
2011 Boston, MA Cape to Cape: In the Hub of Marine Education
2012 Anchorage, AK (June 24-28) North to Alaska’s Seas: A Confluence of Science and Culture
2013 Mobile, AL (July 22-26) Sea the Gulf, Join the Roux
2014 Annapolis, MD (July 21-25) Sailing into Marine Education, from the Ocean to the Bay
2015 Newport, RI (June 29-July 2) Ocean State, Ocean Planet: Exploring Our World of Water
2016 Orlando, FL (June 25-July 1) Making Waves: Current Connections in Marine Science
2017 Charleston, SC (June 25-29) Seas of Change: Lowcountry Lessons in Resiliency
2018 Long Beach, CA (July 15-20) Charting a Course for Conservation
2019 Durham, NH (July 22-25) Turning the Tide: Learning from Yesterday, Adapting for Tomorrow