President’s Award

This award is given by the current President of NMEA. The President selects recipients based on outstanding contributions to NMEA and/or marine education that he/she considers worthy.

The recipient receives a one-year NMEA membership.

1984 Jim Hannaham (DC)
1985 Fleda Jackson and Sue Gammisch (VA)
1986 Rosanne Fortner (OH)
1987 Jim O’Connor and Lundie Spence (NC)
1988 Karen Aspinwall (MD) and Gail Miller
1989 Jim Lanier (NC) and Vic Mayer (OH)
1990 Rick Tinnin (TX) and Millie Graham (GA)
1991 Sharon Walker (MS) and Quinton White (FL)
1992 Mary Masterson (NJ) and Wendy Allen (SC)
1993 James I Jones and Robert J. Shephard
1994 Mary Masterson (NJ)
1995 Robyn Dobyns (TN)
1996 Diane Sweeney (CA)
1997 Vikki Spruill (DC)
1998 Bruce Carlston (NJ) and Sarah Schoedinger (DC)
1999 Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums
2000 Kathleen Heidenreich (WA), Pam Stryker (TX), Virginia De Silva, and Lee Anne Campbell
2001 Paul and Lydia (Taby) Keener
2002 Johnette Bosarge (MS) and Vicki Osis (OR)
2003 John Trowbridge (LA)
2004 NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) and The BRIDGE
2005 Linda Hagelin (CA)
2006 College of Exploration (VA) and Susan Snyder (OH/FL)
2007 Howard "Mickey" Weiss (CT)
2008 Peggy Hamner (CA)
2009 Catherine Halverson (CA) and W. Donald Hudson, Jr. (ME)
2010 Frances Lee Larkin (VA), Rick Tinnin (TX), Mike Lewis, Dr. and Mrs. A. B. Frederick (MD)
2011 Johnette Bosarge (MS)
2012 Sea Grant Education Network, NMEA Ocean Literacy Committee, and Lauren Rader (CT)
2013 Tsuyoshi Sasaki (Japan)
2014 Justine Glynn (HI)
2015 Don Hudson (ME)
2016 Jackie Takacs (MD)
2017 David Christopher (DE)
2018 Sarah Richards (NY)