Outstanding Teacher Award

This award is given for effective and innovative classroom teaching at any level. Only NMEA members are eligible. Participation in NMEA is an important consideration.

The Awards Committee considers a candidate’s classroom environment, innovative materials and activities used and/or developed, integration of marine topics into various subject areas, and evidence of superior performance by the candidate’s students.

The recipient receives a one-year NMEA membership.

Past Recipients:

1984 Susan Leach (Snyder) (OH)
1985 Harriett Donofrio (DE)
1986 Ann Coopersmith (HI), Michael Stevenson (CA), and Mary Masterson (NJ)
1987 Otis William Lee (AL)
1988 Gene Williamson (OR)
1989 Jack Crowley (MA)
1990 Vincentina Cassaro (NJ)
1991 Ron Nilsen (WA)
1992 Neal Maine (OR)
1993 Margaret Olsen (GA)
1994 George “The Sandman” Duane (MA)
1995 Amy Quillen (DE)
1996 Dana Mitchell (MN)
1997 Cindy Renkas (SC)
1998 Debora Mosher (VA)
1999 Julie S. Cliff (SC)
2000 Mary Alice Cain (LA)
2001 Padgett Kelly (TN)
2002 Susan Wertz (WA)
2003 Patricia Cahill Williams (OR)
2004 Amy Holt Cline (NH)
2005 Catherine Foote Silver (NH)
2006 Margery Misenheimer (NC)
2007 Mellie Lewis (MD)
2008 Martin Keeley (Cayman Islands)
2009 Charlene Mauro
2010 Beth Jewell (VA)
2011 (No award)
2012 Miriam Sutton (NC)
2014 Sherry Rollins (VA)
2015 Bill Andrake (MA)
2016 Ryan Cilsick (FL)
2017 Doug Vollmer (ME)
2018 Tom Greene (NY)