James Centorino Award

This award was named in the memory of Jim Centorino, an inspirational and passionate marine educator who taught at Salem State College, co-founded the Massachusetts Marine Educators and later the National Marine Education Association. In the mid 80s Jim died from cancer. He continues to be remembered by students and colleagues. Through this award, we at NMEA continue to remember his contributions to marine education.

This award is given for distinguished performance in marine education by professionals who are not classroom teachers. Only NMEA members are eligible. Participation in NMEA is an important consideration.

The Awards Committee considers a candidate’s major contributions, including outstanding leadership, programs developed, and participation in marine education organizations, over a five year period.

The recipient receives a one-year NMEA membership.

1984 Cynthia Hancock (FL)
1985 Jeff Sandler & Deb Hall (MN)
1986 Lindy Millman (DE)
1987 Inka Milewski (NB, Canada)
1988 Rob Moir (MA)
1989 Vicki Clark (VA)
1990 Barbara Klemm (HI)
1991 Cynthia Stong (OH)
1992 Bruce Stewart (CA) and Lee Lawrence (VA)
1993 Bill Hastie (OR)
1994 Terri L. Kirby (NC)
1995 Sharon H. Walker (MS)
1996 Sharon Meeker (NH)
1997 Michael Spranger (WA) and Megan Jones (HI)
1998 Andy Wood (NC)
1999 Sarah V. Mitchell (GA)
2000 John Dindo (AL)
2001 Gloria Snively (BC, Canada)
2002 Hugo Freudenthal (NY)
2003 Valerie Chase (MD)
2004 J. Adam Frederick (MD)
2005 Thaxter Tewksberry (CT)
2006 Janice McDonnell (NJ)
2007 Rick Tinnin (TX)
2008 Maryellen Timmons ("Mare") (GA)
2009 Sylvia Spalding ("Mare") (HI)
2010 (no award)
2011 (no award)
2012 Sarah Schoedinger (NC)
2013 Meg Marrero (NY)
2015 Diana Payne (CT)
2016 Lisa Ayers Lawrence (VA)
2018 Lynn Whitley (CA)