Welcome to a New Era for Current: The Journal of Marine Education

Current: The Journal of Marine Education is transforming from a closed, pdf-designed system to an open access, broadly available publishing system. The NMEA Board is excited to make the journal content available to a wider audience by improving the digital tagging of content and releasing the full text for anyone to read through an Open Access publishing model.

The new online platform will also help the Editorial Team to speed up the peer-review process of papers by improving correspondence tracking and digital editing. By moving to an open access system, we hope to serve the global marine education community with a regular publishing schedule and seamless online system. From now on we will only accept papers submitted through the online platform. For those of you who would like to contribute to the next issue, see our updated instructions for authors here. The updated peer-review policy is described here.

The NMEA Current Committee is currently seeking a new Editor. They will be involved in the process of evaluating manuscripts for publication and managing many publication aspects of the journal.

On behalf of NMEA, I hereby invite you to read and share the content of our journal to further knowledge about marine and aquatic education. We hope that this new open and digital policy furthers our mission of ‘making known the world of water’.

If you have any further questions, or would like to be added to our database of reviewers, please contact us at nmea@marine-ed.org


Meghan E. Marrero, EdD

NMEA President, 2018-19

NMEA Social Media