Operations Pod


Chair: David Christopher: dmchrist@udel.edu
The Bylaws Committee keeps the Bylaws up to date; maintains the Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs); ensures each new Board member, including Chapter Representatives, has a copy of current Bylaws. Upon request the Bylaws Committee will provide assistance to Chapters with Bylaws development and revisions. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Bylaws Committee


Chair: Kate Achilles: kate.achilles@noaa.gov; Vice Chair: Mellie Lewis: mellielewis@hotmail.com
The Chapters Committee is led by the current NMEA President-Elect and provides an organizational structure to improve communications between NMEA Chapter Representatives and current activities in each NMEA Chapter for the good of the organization. All Chapter Representatives participate in quarterly conference calls, provide written updates for NMEA News and other publications including conference materials, provide periodic updates of web information, participate in coordination of share-a-thon events and other potential fund-raising activities, and maintain the flow of information to their respective NMEA Chapter from the National Office. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Chapters Committee


Chair: Meghan Marrero (operational, not public)
The Executive Committee (Ex Com) is a subset of the NMEA Board of Directors that has been delegated specific powers to act in certain circumstances on behalf of the full Board. Because the NMEA Board is fairly large and meets relatively infrequently, the Ex Com serves (with some restrictions) to act for the Board between meetings in the capacities of advising the NMEA leadership and moving organizational business forward in an efficient manner.


Chair: Jackie Takacs: nmeatreasurer@marine-ed.org
The Finance Committee works with the full Board of Directors, and with the guidance of the Treasurer, to create annual budgets for the organization. The principle task of the Committee includes reviewing the initial draft of the budget prepared for the Executive Committee meeting usually held in January each year. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Finance Committee

Grants and Development

Chair: Kristin Evans: klevans@utexas.edu
The Grants and Development Committee (G&D) is primarily responsible for coordinating and leading the research and request of extramural funds and sponsorship to support NMEA efforts and business, such as annual conference, scholarships, Current Journal, strategic planning and professional meetings, Board travel, promotion, campaigns, or other related endeavors. Encourage NMEA board members to seek out and nurture funding opportunities, in communication with (G&D), in support of NMEA efforts and actions. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Grants and Development Committee


Chair: Sarah Richards: srichards@saintannsny.org
The History Committee’s chair is responsible for documenting the history of NMEA. The chair will, along with other members of the committee, collect images of people, conference sites, and memorabilia; compile information about the workings of the organization; and organize these materials in digital form so that they can be posted on the NMEA History website. Current NMEA members: log in and join History Committee

Communications Pod

Current: The Journal of Marine Education

Chair: Laura Good: lgood@csumb.edu
The Current Committee oversees NMEA's flagship peer-reviewed publication Current: The Journal of Marine Education, to ensure timely, consistent and high-quality content that best reflects the organization reaches members and other audiences. Committee members encourage, solicit, and review manuscripts for publication and seek appropriate sponsors for funded issues of the journal. Current NMEA members: log in and join Current Committee


Chair: Debbi Stone: dstone@flaquarium.org
The Outreach Committee strives to increase awareness and appreciation of marine and aquatic education in formal and non-formal educational settings at all levels, and the role of NMEA in facilitating that process. Efforts generally include developing processes and materials for various audiences, especially the education community. Current NMEA members: log in and join Outreach Committee

Social Media

Chairs: Joanna Chierici: jchierici@gmail.com; Laura Bracken: lbracken@rsmas.miami.edu
The Social Media Committee oversees the online presence of the organization on various social media platforms in an effort to communicate with members, reach out to the broader marine science education community, and promote the mission and activities of the organization. The committee works closely with the other Communications sub-committees to ensure that messaging of social media posts is consistent, both across platforms and with the communications framework of the organization. Current NMEA members: log in and join Social Media Committee


Chair: Ariel Zych: azych@sciencefriday.com
The Technology committee sets policies, procedures and priorities for NMEA’s use of technology. It serves as the communication and coordination hub for the Board, web developers and all Chapters in their participation in decision-making about the NMEA website and other electronic technologies that NMEA may use. The committee works in collaboration with the other Communications sub-committees to ensure an organized and consistent approach to communication efforts for NMEA. Current NMEA members: log in and join Technology Committee

Stakeholders Pod

Expanding Audiences

Chair: DJ Kast: dkast@usc.edu
The Expanding Audiences Ad Hoc Committee was formed during the NMEA Strategic Planning Meeting in July 2007 to oversee the implementation of Strategic Plan, Focus Area #3, Cultivate Diverse Relationships. The committee focuses on creating a more diverse NMEA Membership. Current NMEA members: log in and join Expanding Audiences Committee


Chair: Géraldine Fauville: gfauvill@stanford.edu; Vice Chair: Susan Haynes: susan.haynes@noaa.gov
The International Committee provides, upon request, support for overseas members and organizations and seeks opportunities to promote NMEA Internationally. The Committee provides advice and guidance to the President and NMEA on all international activities of NMEA. It holds international meetings at NMEA annual conferences to welcome international attendees. It also serves as NMEA liaison with other international marine educators associations. Current NMEA members: log in and join International Committee


Chair: Lynn Whitley: lwhitley@usc.edu
The purpose of the Membership committee is to increase and retain the membership of the National Marine Educators Association. The Membership committee strives to work with the Membership Secretary, Directors, Chapters, and Committee Chairs to ensure a highly engaged, motivated and diverse membership. Current NMEA members: log in and join Membership Committee

NSTA Liaison

Chair: Mellie Lewis: mellielewis@hotmail.com
The NSTA Liaison Committee is a liaison between NMEA and NSTA and encourages NMEA Members to submit proposals for presentation at the National NSTA Conference. This Committee selects proposals for presentation at the NMEA Track of Sessions at NSTA and coordinates NMEA "Whale of a Share-a-Thon" and NMEA Track of Sessions. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join NSTA Liaison Committee

Events Pod


Chair: David Wehunt: wehunt@hotmail.com
The Awards Committee conducts activities in support of the NMEA Awards Program, including the Johnette Bosarge Award, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments and activities by marine educators. The Committee accepts nominations for the awards, selects winners from the nominations for each award, prepares for the award presentations at the annual NMEA Conference and insures all award plaques are ordered. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Awards Committee


Chair: Jaime Thom: jthom@scaquarium.org
The Conference Committee reviews proposals from NMEA Chapters for hosting conferences, and makes recommendations to the board for approval or adjustments to the proposals before approval. Throughout the conference planning process, committee members act as general advisors to conference hosts, providing guidance on general NMEA conference policies, successful
strategies from past NMEA conferences, budget planning, program preparation, presenter and conference evaluation, and other areas as requested by conference chairs.  Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Conference Committee


Chair: Kate Achilles: kate.achilles@noaa.gov
The scholarship program was created by the NMEA Board of Directors in 1995 to assist members in attending the annual conference. Scholarship awards are available for NMEA members living in the U.S. or abroad. The annual NMEA auction, held at each annual conference, provides partial funding for these scholarships. Applicants must be NMEA members in good standing. Chapter membership is a plus, but not required. Current NMEA members: log in and request to join Scholarship Committee