Member-only Scholarship Application

Nominations for scholarships accepted through March 15

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program was created by the NMEA Board of Directors in 1995 to assist members in attending the Annual Conference. There are $500 scholarship awards available for NMEA members living in the United States and $1000 scholarship awards for NMEA members living in other countries. The Annual NMEA Auction, held at each Annual Conference, provides funding for the scholarships.


Scholarship awards are based on financial need of the applicant. Geographical location and order of receipt of the completed applications are not considered in the decision to award scholarships. Please do not include photographs or large files.


Applicants must be an NMEA member in good standing. Chapter membership is a plus, but not required. NMEA officers, other voting members of the Board of Directors, Institutional or Corporate members, and NMEA Annual Conference Scholarship recipients within the past two NMEA Annual Conferences are ineligible.

Selection and Award

All applications that are received by the March 15th deadline will be acknowledged. Applications postmarked by the deadline are not acceptable. Applications for NMEA scholarships are confidential and will be seen only by reviewers for the NMEA Scholarship Committee. Applicant names will be shared with the NMEA National Office to verify membership and with the NMEA treasurer for payment. Selection will take place at the end of March, and all applicants will be notified of the results as soon as possible thereafter. If you are awarded a scholarship and cannot attend the meeting please notify Kate Achilles as soon as possible so the award can be given to the next qualified applicant. Successful applicants have 90 days after the last day of the conference to submit their paperwork and receipts to receive the scholarship.

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Terms of Agreement
I understand that: • I must be an NMEA member at the time of application to be eligible for a scholarship; • I am expected to attend the full conference, taking maximum advantage of conference sessions and field experiences offered; • I am expected to use information and skills gained at the conference to improve my education efforts; • If awarded a scholarship, I will not be eligible for a scholarship for two subsequent NMEA annual conferences; and • If I decline to attend, the award is forfeited and can not be applied to other conferences.
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