Expanding Audiences Scholarship Application

The Expanding Audience Program

A strategic goal of the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) is to increase the number of members who represent and/or educate underrepresented minorities including, but not limited to: people of color, indigenous people, island people, international communities, inland areas, and English-language learners. In 2009, the NMEA Board of Directors recommended that the Expanding Audience Committee establish a program to recruit and assist individuals from groups underrepresented in science, or those who serve underrepresented or underserved audiences, to help facilitate the realization of that goal. The intent is to support qualified individuals to share their expertise, experiences and perspectives through active participation in NMEA Annual Conferences and the creation of a product that will benefit the larger marine and aquatic education community. Current or past NMEA members are not eligible for this scholarship. Any current NMEA members may use this form to nominate an interested candidate for the scholarship. Self-nominations from eligible non-NMEA members are also encouraged and welcomed.


Nominated candidates should:

  • be from a group underrepresented in science or serve underrepresented or underserved audiences as defined above;

  • be currently involved or interested in research and/or education that includes marine or aquatic topics;

  • be interested in contributing to and learning from marine and aquatic educators; and

  • commit to co-creating (with the Expanding Audience committee and/or nominator) a product using the information and inspiration gained at the NMEA Conference (see the end of the application for more information on product options).

Selection and Award

Successful applicants will receive varying scholarship amounts to the conference that could cover registration to the 2019 NMEA Conference and membership in NMEA for one year.Additional travel funds may also be awarded at the Expanding Audience committee’s discretion.All nominations that are received by the deadline will be acknowledged.Committee decisions will be made and awardees will be notified by April 15, in order to be able to register before the early bird registration deadline. Registration and any travel support will be managed via reimbursement. Successful applicants have 90 days after the last day of the conference to submit their paperwork and receipts to receive the scholarship.

For more information on the conference, please visit the conference website.

For more information on the Expanding Audience Committee and this scholarship, contact the committee chair:

Dieuwertje Kast: dkast@usc.edu

Please complete the form below

Write a paragraph or two for each of the following questions.
• An article for publication in NMEA News or Current: The Journal of Marine Education; • A presentation to a local NMEA Chapter (see http://www.marine-ed.org/chapters.html); • A proposal for presentation at the NMEA 2019 Annual Conference in Durham, New Hampshire; • A lesson plan incorporating new material gained from the conference that can be published in one of the NMEA’s publications (NMEA News or Current); • Or you may propose something else you can co-create that utilizes what you (and your nominator if applicable) gained from attending the conference.
Additional Questions
Are you a member of NMEA?
Terms of Agreement
I understand that: I am expected to attend the conference; • I am expected to participate in the TK Committee meeting and provide a presentation at the conference and I am also encouraged to also contribute a newsletter article to the NMEA News, the NMEA journal Current and/or the newsletter of the local NMEA chapter; • I understand that the award check will be mailed to me after the conference following my submission of receipts, which I must submit to the NMEA within 90 days after the last day of the conference; and • If awarded a scholarship, I will not be eligible for another NMEA TK scholarship for two subsequent NMEA conferences. I certify that all statements made above are true and correct.
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