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Jackie Takacs
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Treasurer (2015-2019)

Jackie Takacs grew up the oldest of seven children on Long Island, NY, where she spent absolutely no time at the beach (seriously – who would take seven kids to the beach?). It wasn’t until she moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in her senior year of high school that outdoor time became more about the environment and less about an athletic field. It was also about that time when her father suggested – after watching an MPT special – that she should become a “fish farmer” when she grew up.

As all girls of that age do – she ignored her father and went on to university to pursue a degree in education. That pursuit went down a different path a few years later after working at a restaurant with aquaculture ponds and summer interning with university extension faculty. Extension education – specifically in marine sciences and fisheries - became her passion (she thanks her dad).   She currently holds a bachelor of science degree in life sciences (emphasis Biology) and an master of science in marine, estuarine and environmental sciences from University of Maryland, College Park.

Professionally Jackie holds the position she coveted in her application to graduate school – to one day be a faculty member with the University of Maryland Extension (UME) Sea Grant Program. She has held that position now for 18 years and currently holds the title of watershed restoration specialist. In her position, Jackie works in cooperation with other UME extension agents, regional and departmental specialists, and various local, state and federal agencies in organizing, conducting, and evaluating programs in watershed management and restoration, watershed and environmental sciences education, and aquaculture within the southern Maryland region, the state of Maryland, and the mid-Atlantic Region.

Jackie was lured into MAMEA (Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association) by that smooth talker Adam Frederick – who not only convinced her to join but to step into the treasurer position. A position she has held for ten years now. As part of MAMEA, Jackie has helped organized two annual conferences and is part of the chapters’ finance and grants committees. In 2014 Jackie coordinated the finances and registration for the NMEA annual conference held in Annapolis, Md. Jackie absolutely cherishes MAMEA and the people that make up the chapter and is very honored to have been asked to run for treasurer of NMEA (and no – she will not be leaving her MAMEA post anytime soon).

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