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Asia Marine Educators Association

AMEA logo

The Asia Marine Educators Association (AMEA) was established in 2015. The goal of AMEA is to promote marine education and ocean literacy among Asian citizens. Asian members of the ocean literacy community advocate to create a marine educators association in order to produce and disseminate marine education resources throughout Asia. Because it is so multi-cultural, Asia needs special resources tailored to its particular characteristics. Sharing resources will provide an opportunity for marine educators to connect with their colleagues network.

Canadian Network for Ocean Education

CaNOE logo

The Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE) was established in 2014 to provide a forum for learning, discussing, and sharing ocean literacy in Canada. Simply put, ocean literacy means understanding the ocean and our relationship with it. By bringing educators, scientists, citizens and institutions together, we hope to create momentum that will increase regional and national understanding of the value of our oceans, and help Canada keep pace with international efforts in ocean literacy. Join us in charting a course towards a sustainable future for Canadians, a future that includes healthy oceans.

European Marine Science Educator Association

EMSEA logo

The European Marine Science Educator Association (EMSEA) is a non-profit organization committed to boost ocean literacy in Europe. EMSEA provides a platform for ocean education in the different European regional seas. EMSEA was founded in 2011 inspired by the example of NMEA. The rationale of EMSEA is educational and predominately scientific but recognizes that the ocean has a place in all disciplines.

EMSEA’s goals are to:

  • Stimulate dialogue between European and international marine educators and scientists
  • Provide training and teaching materials to support marine educators.Raise educators awareness of ocean issues and the need for a sustainable future for our coasts, seas and oceans

EMSEA’s main activities are:

  • Organize workshops and conferences for marine educators.
  • Provide a web portal with links for marine education and research-based materials.
  • Provide a forum for members feedback and communication.

International Pacific Marine Educators Network

IPMEN logo

The International Pacific Marine Educators Network (IPMEN) is a network of marine educators and scientists whose shared vision is to nurture a fuller understanding of the ocean’s value leading to informed, responsible and creative decisions that conserve and restore the integrity of ocean ecosystems. IPMEN aims to foster collaborative relationships that will create the resources, programs, training and leadership necessary to build ocean literacy at every level of society in the Pacific region. Since its inception in Hawaii in 2007 IPMEN has held biennial conferences in Australia (2008), Fiji (2010), Chile (2012), Japan (2014) and Indonesia (2016). Plans for IPMEN 2018 in Taiwan are well underway. In addition to learning more on their website, you can also follow them on Facebook here >

Marine Education Society of Australasia

MESA logo

After 30 years serving the needs of marine educators in Australia and New Zealand as a stand-alone organization, the Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA) recently took the strategic step of uniting with the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE). In effect, MESA has now morphed into the AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group. Maintaining and growing the wonderfully diverse MESA website provides one challenge for MESA members. A second challenge in Australia is to maintain and expand our annual MESA ocean awareness program called Sea Week, which New Zealand colleagues are maintaining. 

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